Medical Research Temperature Monitoring

Medical research samples like frozen tissue samples for Alzheimers research are expensive and irreplaceable.

Proper storage is critical to protecting valuable samples and increasing your return on investment. Using laboratory refrigerators, freezers and ultra-low temperature freezers can safeguard these samples. But a power failure or malfunctioning equipment can often lead to changes in temperature and other potential issues.

That’s why you should consider installing a remote monitoring system to protect medical research samples. These systems offer a low-cost method for monitoring tissue and blood samples, vaccines, lab tests and other frozen or refrigerated inventory.

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Reduce the risk of ruined samples

Remote monitoring systems like the Sentinel provide an early warning of temperature changes and other threats to your research samples. When the temperature falls outside of the preset range, the system sends an alert to designated personnel via email, text message or phone call. They send alerts of irregularities in the early stages, so you can quickly take action and avoid the costs of compromised lab tests and samples. 

Remote monitoring systems monitor more than just temperature. They can notify you of other environmental changes that threaten your research samples, including:

  • Power failure
  • Equipment failure
  • Water leaks
  • Humidity changes
  • Unauthorized access and break-ins

Verify compliance

A remote monitoring system can also function as a data logger, which keeps an ongoing record of temperatures. This can be essential when you need to prove that assets were stored correctly. Data is automatically stored in a remote location and can be accessed at any time by any Internet-connected device. Personnel can download data remotely, either through a local network or cloud, and print or export as a .pdf, Excel spreadsheet or .csv.

Sensaphone provides the monitoring equipment you need to verify research samples are stored at the correct temperature. Our systems are easy to install and maintain, so you can spend more time focusing on your day-to-day responsibilities.


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