Sensaphone Sentinel PRO

  • Sensaphone Sentinel PRO
  • INCLUDED: Internal rechargeable battery-backup system will provide 8 hours of continuous monitoring and alerting in the event of a power outage 
  • INCLUDED: Power failure monitoring
  • INCLUDED: Weatherproof NEMA 4-X enclosure

Sensaphone Sentinel PRO

Product Number: SCD-PRO | SCD-PRO-CD | SCD-PRO-CD

The Sentinel PRO Monitoring System with Cellular Modem offers an easy-to-configure and easy-to-install monitoring solution for locations that don't have a landline or Internet connection. The cloud-based Sentinel PRO allows you to monitor remote facilities and environments and check critical conditions of your climate-sensitive commodities with the same degree of certainty you’ve come to expect from Sensaphone. 

The system monitors, delivers alarms, and datalogs input/output points from third-party Modbus sensors, transducers and programmable logic controllers. The system supports Modbus RS485. It takes the burden out of managing your system by giving you access to your readings from anywhere using a simple, powerful web-based interface. If there’s a disruption, alerts can be sent straight to your mobile device—keeping you updated and giving you peace-of-mind wherever you are so you can remain focused on business as usual.

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