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Sensaphone Introduces Computer Room Monitoring Solution

Sensaphone IMS-1000 monitors computer rooms for less

Aston, PA., January 16, 2008 — With the growing importance of infrastructure monitoring within organizations of all sizes, Sensaphone announces its newest product ideal for monitoring small to medium computer rooms – the Sensaphone® IMS-1000. The IMS-1000 combines environmental monitoring, physical security, network monitoring, and data logging into a single system. Free of monthly fees, the stand-alone unit features an internal battery backup system and a variety of alarm delivery options that work independently from a computer network. The IMS-1000 has an internal Web server and is also fully SNMP manageable.

The IMS-1000 features eight external sensors for monitoring the primary environmental culprits leading to server malfunctions, including temperature, power, humidity, smoke, fire, and water on the floor. TCP/IP port service monitoring exists for up to 16 network devices or port services, generating ping requests and verification of services. Environmental sensors exceeding predetermined ranges and/or detecting unresponsive network ports initiate the alarm notification process. The option of a built-in phone modem and voice communication is also available.

With the proper accessories, the IMS-1000 can improve physical security by detecting motion and supplying information about activity within a computer room or even specific equipment cabinets. Monitored conditions can trigger image captures to be sent via email to appropriate personnel.

Data logging and user-selectable sampling allow facility operators to review event history and trends by condition per the minute, hour or day. This available data can be used for graphing, database or auditing applications. The programming and status information are always available through a built-in Web server.

For information about the Sensaphone IMS-1000, call 1-877-373-2700 or visit

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