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Sensaphone Monitoring/Reporting Systems Provide Significant Cost Savings in Aquaculture Applications

Sensaphone systems monitor for potential disasters in marine and freshwater aquariums to prevent loss of animals and inventory.

Aston, PA, May 20, 2010Sensaphone®, a leader in remote monitoring and control systems, offers a full line of solution and systems to provide 24-hour-a-day reporting and monitoring of temperature, power, fire and smoke alarms, water leaks, humidity and intrusion which enables aquaculture personnel to easily identify potential disasters and prevent damage to animals and loss of inventory.

“Loss of inventory can mean economic and environmental disaster for aqua farming operations,” explained Dave DeFusco, Vice President of Engineering at Sensaphone.  “A reliable solution that remotely monitors critical elements of the aquaculture ecosystem is absolutely essential to maintain environmental control of live inventory.”

A key feature of Sensaphone systems in aquaculture applications is the capability to monitor tanks for overflow and leaking water. This helps prevent loss of animals or even loss of the entire crop. Sensaphone systems also monitor for pump failures to prevent cross-contamination among tanks.

Another advantage is the flexibility to enable personnel to receive notification of problems and solicit reports from any locationat any time and react immediately. Sensaphone systems can distribute data reports and alarm messages via any combination of telephones, fax machines, e-mail accounts, or alarm text messages to mobile phones.

Sensaphone systems also monitor a narrow temperature range—a great advantage to aquatic facilities. By monitoring aquariums with a tolerance of ±5 degrees, personnel can pinpoint problems or prevent damage caused by a change in temperature. This enables users to prevent costly problems and maintain peak operating performance— for thousands of dollars in potential savings.

In addition, Sensaphone systems monitor security for open windows and doors to alert for intrusion and sound for smoke detectors or other alarm mechanisms, so personnel can avoid or minimize damage. Aquatic facilities also benefit from Sensaphone systems’ magnetic switch used to lock cabinets that hold or distribute sensitive doses of critical ingredients such as pH, for further security and peace of mind.

“Our lineup of monitoring solutions are in use by many of the leading aquatic farming operations across North America,” noted DeFusco, “Our products are simple enough to monitor one tank and powerful enough to manage a full-scale aquaculture operation.

Sensaphone’s lineup of monitoring options includes:

  • Sensaphone 1800 that monitors up to eight external sensors including 4-20mA inputs; notifies up to eight people with a phone call and includes a NEMA4X enclosure and battery backup.
  • Sensaphone Express II that includes 8 inputs including 4-20mA inputs; expandable to 40 and notifies up to 48 people with phone calls and includes a NEMA4X enclosure and battery backup.

"We are committed to providing industry-leading and cost-effective remote monitoring solutions for aquaculture facilities of all sizes," concluded DeFusco. “Our full suite of monitoring solutions offers our customers a diverse set of features and functionality that will fit any need or budget.”

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