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Sensaphone Offers Remote Monitoring Systems for Greenhouse, Nursery, and Floral Shop Applications

Sensaphone monitoring lineup monitors temperature changes and humidity levels 24 hours a day for critical greenhouse applications.

Aston, PA, November 8, 2011 — Sensaphone® today announced the availability of its lineup of remote monitoring and control systems, including the Sensaphone 1400, Express II, and SCADA 3000 to be installed to help protect greenhouses, nurseries, and floral shops.

These Sensaphone remote monitoring solutions help protect property and provide environmental stability 24-hours-a-day—even when owners are off-site or shops are closed. Sensaphone monitors for power failures, temperature extremes, humidity levels, intrusions, sounds (such as smoke and burglar alarms), and other selected conditions—helping owners protect against theft, and property or product damage for thousands of dollars in potential cost savings.

“A Sensaphone desktop monitoring system can pay for itself in saved repair costs or prevented property damage with its first alert call,” noted Dave DeFusco, Vice President of Engineering at Sensaphone. “And the systems are designed for the user’s convenience—with easy control access, a user-friendly keypad for local programming and status reports, and programmable security code access.”

The built-in temperature monitoring available from Sensaphone products ensures that users know if the temperature deviates from what plant life needs. Also, by connecting a humidity sensor to the Sensaphone system, users can know the current moisture content of the air to maintain the optimum humidity level for their plants.

Sensaphone systems also have built-in power monitoring to detect failures or outages. This feature alerts users right away if sprinklers, lights, or heaters are not operating so they can take appropriate action before the plants suffer. Users can program how long a power outage must last before being informed, and both units are equipped for back-up batteries to keep them running for approximately 24 hours after a power failure.

Sensaphone systems can provide peace of mind and security to greenhouse and floral shop owners. With an attached Magnetic Reed Security Sensor or Infrared Motion Detector, the Sensaphone will respond to opened windows and doors to prevent against theft and property damage. Owners can even save money in monthly fees for monitoring services by connecting a pre-installed security system to their Sensaphone.

If a smoke or fire alarm goes off, Sensaphone’s built-in sound monitoring will hear it and respond quickly. Owners can program the level and duration of sound to which the Sensaphone reacts. The system even communicates in voice-synthesized English and lets users call into their Sensaphone unit at any time to “listen in” to actual live on-site sounds through the system’s built-in microphone.

By installing a Sensaphone remote monitoring system, owners can monitor their property around the clock to detect potential problems and prevent costly disasters and damaged property. Both models offer built-in power failure and sound monitoring and include an external temperature sensor.

Sensaphone’s lineup of monitoring options include:                 

  • Sensaphone 1400 that monitors up to four external sensors; notifies up to eight people with a phone call and includes a NEMA4X enclosure and battery backup.
  • Sensaphone Express II that includes 8 inputs including 4-20mA inputs; expandable to 40 and notifies up to 48 people with phone calls and includes a NEMA4X enclosure and battery backup.

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