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Cellular-Based Monitoring Device Provides M2M and Pump Control at Water Facilities

ASTON, Pa., March 21, 2016 – The Sensaphone® CELL682™ system provides 24/7 monitoring of environmental conditions and unattended equipment at remote locations where telephone and Ethernet connectivity are unavailable.

The CELL682 system provides simplex or duplex alternating pump control using a level transducer or float switches. The unit can also perform machine-to-machine (M2M) control among multiple CELL682 devices.

“Users can configure up to eight M2M control algorithms per device, so that input conditions on one CELL682 can logically control outputs on another using simple, fill-in-the-blank comparison programming,” said Robert Fusco, Sensaphone’s technical support and service manager.

The CELL682 system communicates via standard cellular networks provided by AT&T or Verizon and can monitor up to 14 critical conditions including tank levels, turbidity, pump status, flow rates, security, power failure and equipment failure. If the system detects a potential problem, it sends alarm notifications to up to 24 voice, text or email destinations. Users can access status information and make programming changes via a web portal. In addition, the CELL682 system is sealed in an enclosure to protect it from harsh conditions.

About Sensaphone
Sensaphone offers a comprehensive line of remote monitoring products that safeguard valuable assets by tracking critical environmental data such as temperature, humidity and power failures. Sensaphone products provide alerts and proactive monitoring data to homeowners and facility managers in many areas including telecommunications, oil and gas, water and wastewater, HVACR, agriculture, healthcare, data centers and greenhouses. More than 400,000 Sensaphone systems are in use today around the world, and they continue to be manufactured in the USA. For more information, call 888-369-4781, email or visit

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