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Flexible WSG30 System Remotely Monitors HVACR Equipment and Facility Environment Using Wireless Sensors

ASTON, Pa., February 1, 2021 – The WSG30™ remote monitoring system from Sensaphone helps facility managers keep watch on HVACR equipment and facility environments. It is a web-based monitoring system that uses wireless sensors to detect changes in operating conditions. This makes it ideal for locations where hard-wiring sensors is difficult or cost prohibitive.

The WSG30 system remotely monitors conditions of HVAC systems, refrigeration and cold storage units, restaurant walk-in units, chillers, cryogenics chambers, industrial ovens and other equipment 24 hours a day.

The WSG30 system identifies changes in preset parameters and notifies users when sensor readings fall out of range. It helps operators track temperature changes from -109 F to 115 F (-85 C to 57 C), air pressure, vibration, humidity, water leaks, intrusion and more. A single WSG30 unit can support up to 30 wireless sensors. 

When the WSG30 system detects a possible problem, it instantly sends alerts to up to 32 people by email or text message, enabling personnel to take fast corrective action. Users of the WSG30 system can make programming changes, access status conditions and review data logs online. The system can log up to 67,000 records, making it easy to demonstrate regulatory compliance and to identify trends that might indicate potential equipment problems.

For details, visit the WSG30 system for HVACR applications information page.

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