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Sensaphone Sensors Monitor Indoor Air Quality to Maintain Worker and Facility Safety

ASTON, Pa., October 21, 2021 – To help facility operators and managers maintain healthy indoor air quality, Sensaphone offers a variety of sensors that measure conditions such as temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, smoke and airflow. The sensors are compatible with most Sensaphone monitoring devices, which provide the necessary alerting and data logging functionality. When a sensor detects a reading outside of the programmed high or low limit, users receive an instant notification.

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HVAC Sensors Measure Air Flow and Differential Pressure in Critical Environments

ASTON, Pa., September 14, 2021 – To help HVAC managers ensure conditions remain within required parameters in critical environments, Sensaphone offers sensors that measure airflow and differential pressure. These sensors are ideal for monitoring cooling towers, air- and water-cooled chillers, air handlers, refrigeration units, power generators, control rooms, clean rooms, computer rooms and data centers.

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Monitor Water Quality and Equipment Conditions With Sensors for Water Treatment Facilities

ASTON, Pa., August 16, 2021 – A remote monitoring system is a cost-effective way for water and wastewater facilities to receive an early warning of water quality issues and equipment malfunctions. Sensaphone offers sensors that measure pH conductivity, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), toroidal conductivity, flow rate and vibration. These sensors provide accurate measurements and continue to operate in conditions that often cause conventional sensors and probes to fail.

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Leak Detection Sensors Prevent Water Damage in Businesses, Facilities and Homes

ASTON, Pa., July 12, 2021 – Discovering water leaks immediately is key to preventing costly damage to facilities, equipment and inventory. To help business owners catch leaks before they become emergencies, Sensaphone offers cost-effective water detection sensors designed for use with its remote monitoring systems. When the sensor detects water, the system sends alerts via phone call, text or email to designated personnel, so they can take fast corrective action.

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Affordable User-Friendly Monitoring Systems Warn of Environmental Threats to Water and Wastewater Facilities

ASTON, Pa., June 17, 2021 – To help operators of smaller water and wastewater facilities who do not staff their premises around the clock, Sensaphone offers two low-cost early warning systems. These remote monitoring systems notify personnel immediately of changes in environmental conditions that can indicate equipment malfunction. The Sensaphone 1400™ and 1800™ systems let users remotely keep tabs on sensor reading fluctuations of pump status, tank level and pump alarm outputs.

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