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Monitoring System Detects Environmental Threats to Data Centers

ASTON, Pa., October 5, 2015 – Unexpected events like power failure, flood and HVAC malfunction are hazardous to data centers. In addition, fluctuating environmental conditions like humidity and temperature can damage computer equipment and cause network inefficiencies and unnecessary downtime. Early detection of these threats can keep systems performing optimally and save thousands of dollars in equipment, time and productivity. The Infrastructure Monitoring System (IMS) 4000 from Sensaphone®, a leader in data center environment monitoring, provides low-cost 24/7 monitoring of data center conditions in multiple locations across the globe.

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Express II Monitoring System Detects Threats to Agricultural Facilities

ASTON, Pa., September 29, 2015 – Sensaphone®, a leader in monitoring technology, offers the Express II™ system that remotely monitors agricultural facilities to keep inventory and animals safe and operations running smoothly.

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Low-Cost Satellite-Based System Monitors Remote Unattended Water Facilities

ASTON, Pa., September 25, 2015 – When water and wastewater facilities are unattended and located in remote areas, it can take days or weeks for operators to discover changes in tank levels and pump malfunctions. To provide instant notification of these and other incidents that cause costly downtime, Sensaphone® developed the SAT4D system. This satellite-based monitoring system delivers immediate alerts of changes in conditions at pumps, wells and storage facilities located in areas without a phone line, Ethernet connection or cellular service.

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Wireless System Protects Valuable Medical Inventory Stored in Freezers and Coolers

ASTON, Pa., September 1, 2015 - The WSG30™ system from Sensaphone®, a leader in monitoring technology, provides low-cost 24/7 remote monitoring of freezers and coolers that contain pharmaceutical products, medical specimens and research material. It is ideal for pharmacies, research labs, blood and tissue banks, hospitals, healthcare clinics, and biopharmaceutical companies.

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Sensaphone Celebrates 30 Years of Providing Remote Monitoring Solutions

Sunken Boat Launches Successful Monitoring Technology Company

ASTON, Pa., September 2, 2015 - Sensaphone® is celebrating its 30th year as a leading provider of remote monitoring solutions. Proving that necessity is the mother of invention, engineer Ken Blanchard envisioned the first Sensaphone product in response to losing his unattended boat docked in Somers Point., N.J., twice in one year. Ken’s vessel sank after a storm because the bilge pump failed. He figured there had to be a way to create a remote device that could notify people when their property was in trouble.

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