4-20mA Type Pressure Sensor

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  • Sensaphone Pressure Sensor

Receive alarms and datalog pressure values

The Sensaphone Pressure Sensors can be used to measure and detect loss of pressure in many applications such as steam boilers and discharge lines on HVAC equipment. An alarm from the pressure sensor can indicate a problem with a pump, a possible clogged influent line, loss of suction, a downstream clog or perhaps a burst pipe. Any of those failures can cause a pump motor to overheat and warp.

  • Measures pressure from 0 to 200 psi, or 0-1,000 psi
  • Requires a 24VDC power supply FGD-0070
  • Compatible with refrigerants
  • Suitable for higher range pressure applications, such as steam boilers and the high side/discharge lines on HVAC equipment which can exceed 500PSI

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