4-20mA Type Vibration Sensor

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  • Sensaphone Vibration Sensor

Monitor the overall vibration of equipment

Implementation of continuous vibration monitoring has never been easier. Vibration on industrial equipment can be continuously monitored for unusual operating conditions and potential failure. The Sensaphone Vibration Monitor is designed to be permanently mounted on industrial equipment and continuously monitor the changes in a machine's vibration level. Detecting these changes early on prevents machinery from catastrophic failure, secondary damage, and expensive down time.

The sensor continuously monitors real-time RMS vibration velocity and provides an analog output of the velocity to the Sensaphone. The sensor comes with a 5m cable and is available with an optional magnetic mounting base.

  • Measures vibrations from 0 to 25 RMS
  • Requires a 24VDC power supply (FGD-0070)

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  • Product Number: FGD-0303, FGD-0303-MOUNT

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