IMS Solution Smoke Detection Sensor

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  • Sensaphone IMS Solution Smoke Detection Sensor

Smoke detection

The IMS-4862E Smoke Detection sensor is designed to connect to the IMS Host or Node and monitor for smoke in indoor environments. The electrical connection between the sensor and IMS is made via the attached RJ-45 patch cable. The sensor may be secured to a wall or ceiling (hardware not included).
If the sensor is close to the IMS Host or Node, you can plug the sensor directly to an IMS environmental input. If the cable is too short you can use the included RJ-45 adaptor and a longer patch cable to extend the length. For applications where the sensor may be far from the IMS unit, you may utilize your existing network wiring infrastructure. For example, the sensor may be installed in another room or another floor. Connect the sensor to your structured wiring network via an RJ-45 jack. At the other end, connect a patch cable from your structured wiring patch panel directly to the Host or Node environment input.

  • Compatible with IMS-1000E or IMS-4000E
  • Connects to host device via RJ-45 patch cable

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