Sensaphone 1400 & 1800 Monitoring Systems

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Product Number: FGD-1400-CD, FGD-1400-SD, FGD-1800-CD, FGD-1800-SD

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Sensaphone 1400 Monitoring System

The Sensaphone 1400 is a powerful monitoring, alarm, and event logging system ideal for watching over unattended or remote locations. This autodialer can monitor equipment and environmental conditions using four universal inputs with scaleable range, built-in power failure detection, sound level monitoring, and one relay output for automatic or manual control of external devices.

Capabilities: The unit can read status from four digital or analog sensors including on/off status, open/closed conditions, actual temperatures, and real-time values such as tank levels or flow rates. The system can also monitor sound levels, the internal battery condition, and detect power failures.

Features: The 1400 is programmed using the built-in keypad and voice response menus. All programming is stored in nonvolatile memory so that it is retained even without power. The unit is capable of performing alarm event logging of the four universal inputs, power, and sound. The event logging (history) is also stored in nonvolatile memory. A battery-backed real-time clock is included to time-stamp logged events. The alarm event history can be heard through the built-in speaker or remotely over the telephone. A complete status report of all monitored conditions can also be heard simply by calling the 1400.

Alerts: In the event of an alarm, the system can send user-recordable voice messages by phone to as many as eight phone numbers repeating those calls until it receives a response. A line-seize feature automatically disconnects extension lines when the system needs to call out.

Includes: An external temperature sensor is included to monitor the temperature at the installation site. This system also includes a 24-hour battery backup with a field-replaceable rechargeable battery to ensure reliable operation during a power outage.

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