Sensaphone IMS-4000E Enterprise Monitoring Host

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Product Number: IMS-4000E

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Sensaphone IMS-4000 Enterprise Monitoring Host

The Infrastructure Monitoring System (IMS-4000) from Sensaphone is the perfect solution to oversee critical environmental conditions in multiple locations across your entire infrastructure. The system is designed to be a comprehensive method of ensuring 100% up-time of your computer systems. By monitoring all aspects of your computer room, including environmental conditions and network equipment, the system will keep you informed of the status of your infrastructure. Monitored conditions can include temperature levels, humidity levels, line voltage, leak detection, server response, UPS systems, and more. The system allows appropriate personnel to be notified immediately of any detected problems. Notification can occur via voice telephone call, e-mail, or e-mail to SMS message. An internal battery backup system insures that the unit will continue to run if main power fails. The system also includes the ability to remotely perform diagnostic tests via Touch-Tone commands or e-mail.

Capabilities: Each IMS-4000 host unit can support as many as eight environmental sensors including temperature, humidity, smoke, sound-level, motion, water, break-in, air flow, and power outage as well as IP-device monitoring to ensure component availability across your network. As many as 31 expansion nodes can be added. The expansion nodes offer the ability to monitor hard wired or wireless sensors. The IMS-4000 can monitor computer-room activity through motion sensors or reed switches, alerting you when there is activity outside of normal working hours.

Features: Receive infrastructure status update information from any location at any time using it's built-in webserver. The ConsoleView software or website allow you to view status, make program changes and review data history.

Alerts: Receive timely alarm notifications through the Ethernet port and standard telephone interface. Whenever a problem occurs anywhere within your network environment, customizable voice alerts, e-mails, and text messaging notify you. Across Wide-Area Networks, you can select alerts from certain locations to go only to the nearest personnel.

Includes: SNMP MIB database that works with your existing network management program while an internal uninterruptible power supply (UPS) protects in the event of a power outage.

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