Sensaphone WSG30 Monitoring System

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Product Number: FGD-WSG30, FGD-WSG30-INT

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Sensaphone WSG30 Monitoring System

The Sensaphone WSG30 is a powerful monitoring, alarm, and event logging system ideal for watching over unattended or remote locations. This system can monitor equipment and environmental conditions using thirty wireless sensors with scaleable range.

Capabilities: The system will automatically scan for, locate, and configure up to 30 wireless sensors so that users can begin to monitor conditions immediately. The network will ensure that each wireless sensor is charged and operational. Most wireless sensors will run on battery power for up to three years. If there are any problems with the sensors, the system sends a diagnostic alarm to notify appropriate personnel. With a temperature-sensing range of -109 to 115F, the WSG30 is perfect for monitoring both food and medical cold-storage applications.

Features: Users can access and input information locally through the four-line, 80-character LCD display and integral keypad. The WSG30 website allows remote access for programming changes, access status conditions, and review data logs online through any web-enabled PC. The system's data logging abilities give users access to up to 67,000 time-stamped records while the wireless network monitors sensor status and battery condition.

Alerts: In the event of an alarm, the system can send customized messages to as many as 32 people by e-mail, text message, SNMP trap, or Modbus.

Includes: This system includes a plug-in power supply that monitors for power failure and a built-in, rechargeable battery backup to ensure reliable operation during a power outage.

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