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Keystone Shipping Monitors Cargo Ships 24/7 While at Port in Lay-Up

David Deltano has been managing fleets of cargo ships for over a decade – in salt and fresh water. Based in Duluth, Minn., as a fleet manager for Keystone Shipping, Deltano is responsible for vessels while they are en route and at port.

Vessels routinely face winter lay-up January through March, as well as lay-up in shipyards for maintenance and tonnage reductions. During these times, they are largely unattended, especially on the weekends, and subject to damage from unexpected incidents like leaks, fires and power outages. A remote monitoring system safeguards the vessels, and the company recently upgraded to Sensaphone systems for additional protection and convenience.


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Sentinel Monitoring System Ensures Comfortable Stay at Quality Brand Hotels

“Hello, front desk… there’s no hot water in Room 321, and I have a meeting at 9 a.m.!”

That’s not a welcome phone call at a hotel front desk—especially at quality brand properties like those owned by Arc Hospitality. Hilton Garden Inn and Marriott Courtyard are two of the 11 well-known brands of more than 80 properties the group manages. Their mission is to provide a superior personal experience for guests. Environmental factors impact this experience, so the properties strive to maintain stable ambient temperature and humidity in all interior rooms, hallways and group areas. They also try to maintain set water temperature ranges in all bathrooms.

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Southwest Florida Resident Uses Remote Monitor to Detect Environmental Threats to Unattended Home

Naples, with its sugar-white beaches along Florida’s Gulf Coast, seems ideal in many ways. Known for its fine weather, outdoor recreation, shopping and dining, it’s a great place to visit, let alone live. But, as many residents know, it takes diligence to protect a home from the extreme heat and humidity.

For those homeowners who travel frequently or live there only part of the year, minding their property is imperative. Although many employ a house watcher to check on their homes once a week or twice a month, that option doesn’t provide 24/7 surveillance.

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Healthcare Facility Safeguards Pharmaceuticals to Keep Patients Safe

Patients and healthcare professionals expect the highest quality pharmaceuticals from their hospital system. Failing to store medications according to manufacturers’ instructions can cause efficacy issues when treating patients. Facilities waste thousands of dollars when they have to discard drugs because they weren’t stored properly.

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Protecting Animals From Dangerous Temperatures 24/7

Being a cold-blooded animal can be tough. Because they rely on external heat sources to warm up their bodies, they are at the mercy of their surroundings. When environmental temperatures fall, so does their body temperature. And, if they get too cold or too hot, they might even die. So it was a close call at the Elmwood Park Zoo when the power and heat stopped working in the middle of a frigid January night.

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