Humidity Monitoring

Monitor humidity in your data center

Data centers often overlook humidity when monitoring environmental conditions. They monitor temperature, but they don’t always consider the importance of humidity.

Humidity plays an important role in protecting your data center. Maintaining an optimal level can reduce unplanned downtime and prevent costly repairs. ASHRAE recommends a humidity level of 41.9 °F dew point to 60% RH, with an allowable range between 20%-80%.

Humidity can be very temperamental. Humidity that’s too high can cause condensation. Long-term condensation issues will lead to corrosion and breakdown of components within your data center environment. Yet low humidity can create electrostatic discharge across crucial components such as:

  • CPUs
  • RAM drives
  • Hard drives
  • Motherboards

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Maintaining ideal humidity levels in data centers

The only way to maintain ideal humidity levels is to monitor them. Many external factors can change the internal humidity levels in your data center, especially if you are using an airside economizer system. Bringing cold air in from the outside to cool your data center can impact levels. To prevent this, the air will need to go through a humidification or dehumidification process.

Environmental monitoring systems for server rooms and data centers alert you to issues threatening valuable equipment. These systems can not only monitor humidity, but also other factors like temperature, airflow, smoke, power failure, water leaks and intrusion. Whether you’re at work, home or traveling, you can monitor conditions remotely and get notified of issues. This provides you with real-time visibility into equipment status and environmental conditions.

The Sensaphone IMS system can monitor your data center humidity levels from 0%-100%. If levels go outside of the recommended range, you receive an instant notification. To protect your data center, you should place sensors throughout your server room. These sensors will give the information you need to monitor varying humidity levels. They will also provide an early warning of any threats to your equipment, so you can act quickly before problems turn into critical issues.

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