Water Detection

Prevent water damage in your house

Preventing water damage is one of the most important things a homeowner can do to protect their house. Whether water floods the basement, seeps in through a window or leaks from an appliance or plumbing fixture, it can be a direct threat to both the structure and aesthetics of your home.

Monitor your sump pump for power failure and water level

During periods of heavy rain and melting snow, it's not uncommon for water to seep into basements and crawlspaces. Construction codes require waterproofing for basements to prevent and then divert water should it enter the basement. In many cases, this means a French drain empties into a sump. An electric pump then moves the water out of the house.

Most times sump pumps work well to keep the basement dry. However, if there's a power outage or the pump fails, your basement may be subject to flooding. Monitoring the sump for high water levels and power outages can provide time to prevent a major disaster.

Appliance failures

Hot water heaters, dishwashers and washing machines are also sources of water leaks that can destroy your home. Water heaters are often in locations where people don't go very often. It's possible that the water heater has been leaking and caused significant damage before anyone notices. If a dishwasher is slowly leaking where the water is not visible, the water can cause mold and mildew and lead to an unhealthy living environment.

Preventing water damage

Sensaphone can provide solutions that will send an alarm before major damage occurs. The devices can connect to multiple water detection sensors to monitor for water in more than one area. The zone water detection sensors uses a water rope to extend the range of each sensor to 100 feet. It can be used to monitor areas susceptible to flooding such as crawlspaces, basements, around appliances and near plumbing fixtures. As soon as water touches the water rope, a phone call, e-mail or text is generated by the Sensaphone system to alert you of the problem.

All Sensaphone devices offer built-in power failure monitoring and a battery backup, so when the power goes out, the device will keep monitoring and generating alarms. They also offer real-time status reports so you can check on the house while you're away for even more peace of mind.


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