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Sensaphone Offers National Institute of Standards and Technology Traceable Temperature Sensors

Assurance Program by U.S. Government Agency Validates Sensaphone Sensors are Accurate and Traceable for Temperature-Controlled Environments

Sensaphone® announced the availability of temperature sensors that can be provided with a Traceable Calibration Certificate. The Traceable Certificate indicates that the product is traceable to standards provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), a U.S. Government agency within the Commerce Department.

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Sensaphone Announces New Temperature Sensors and Options

Expansion of Sensor Capabilities Provides Monitoring Solutions with Critical Temperature Functionality

Aston, PA., Sep. 15, 2013 Sensaphone® announced the availability of new temperature sensors and options that offer broader and deeper capabilities across Sensaphone monitoring solutions.

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Sensaphone® IMS-4000 Offers First Integrated Remote Monitoring System for Complete Infrastructure Environmental Monitoring of Data Center Facilities

Infrastructure monitoring system offers assurance for computer room environments and network devices from costly network downtime

Aston, PA, October 10, 2012— Sensaphone® has announced the availability of its IMS-4000, a comprehensive remote environmental monitoring solution for the growing demand to eliminate costly network downtime due to environmental issues.

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New Sensaphone Multipoint Wireless I/O System Accessory Delivers Reliable Wireless Monitoring to Remote Facilities

New Accessory Provides Alternative to Installing Costly Wire and Cable

Aston, PA, June 16, 2012 Sensaphone® today introduced its new Multipoint Wireless Input/Output (I/O) System for the monitoring of remote locations.

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Sensaphone Offers Remote Monitoring Systems for Greenhouse, Nursery, and Floral Shop Applications

Sensaphone monitoring lineup monitors temperature changes and humidity levels 24 hours a day for critical greenhouse applications.

Aston, PA, November 8, 2011 — Sensaphone® today announced the availability of its lineup of remote monitoring and control systems, including the Sensaphone 1400 and Express II, to help protect greenhouses, nurseries, and floral shops.

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