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Sensaphone featured as "Environmental Overseers" in Processor Magazine

Processor Magazine featured Sensaphone and how we help enterprises avoid disaster by monitoring environnmental conditions.

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Sensaphone WEB600 Available for Cold Storage Remote Temperature Monitoring and Alerts

The WEB600 Provides a Flexible Cold Storage Solution at an Affordable Price

Sensaphone® has announced the availability of its flexible, affordable, web-based Web600 remote temperature monitoring solution for cold storage. Designed to keep track of critical temperatures and other conditions, the Web600 enables users to be notified immediately when current values exceed the normal range.

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Sensaphone SAT4D Provides Reliable Remote Monitoring for Oil and Natural Gas Sites Located Anywhere

The ALL-NEW SAT4D Provides a Reliable Monitoring Solution for any Remote Site

Sensaphone® has announced the availability of its SAT4D satellite communications-based remote monitoring solution. The New Sensaphone SAT4D is designed to monitor remote sites no matter where they are located. Instead of relying on the availability of phone lines or cellular service, the SAT4D uses direct satellite communications to relay alerts and notifications.

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Sensaphone Offers National Institute of Standards and Technology Traceable Temperature Sensors

Assurance Program by U.S. Government Agency Validates Sensaphone Sensors are Accurate and Traceable for Temperature-Controlled Environments

Sensaphone® announced the availability of temperature sensors that can be provided with a Traceable Calibration Certificate. The Traceable Certificate indicates that the product is traceable to standards provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), a U.S. Government agency within the Commerce Department.

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Sensaphone Announces New Temperature Sensors and Options

Expansion of Sensor Capabilities Provides Monitoring Solutions with Critical Temperature Functionality

Aston, PA., Sep. 15, 2013 Sensaphone® announced the availability of new temperature sensors and options that offer broader and deeper capabilities across Sensaphone monitoring solutions.

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