Sensaphone Sentinel Monitoring System

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Product Number: SCD-1200

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The Sensaphone Sentinel Cloud platform allows users to use and program their Sentinel from any internet–connected device. This service is available in two subscription levels; a free or premium subscription. Sentinel users have full use and visibility of their device’s data regardless of their subscription level, but an upgrade to a Premium subscription includes additional features.  

Advanced Alarm Notifications
The Premium subscription allows the Sentinel to make phone calls, text messages and emails to an unlimited number of contacts in the event of an alarm. The Free subscription will send email alerts when conditions exceed programmed limits. 

The Sentinel includes a datalog that shows the history of all logged zones. This feature is available regardless of subscription level, however, Free subscribers will only have access to the past 30 days of logged data. Users can gain access to datalogging records beyond 30 days by upgrading to the Premium subscription. 

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