Enterprise Server Room Monitoring

The IMS-4000 series allows users to watch over many of the potential threats by combining environmental monitoring, physical security, network monitoring and more into one easy to manage system.

How it Works

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Easily connect up to 8 plug and play sensors to each host or node to monitor temperature, humidity, power failure, water leaks, equipment and more.

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The IMS-4000E Host connects to the local network. It instantly begins server room monitoring and collecting data as soon as the sensors are connected.



The IMS-4000E system can be expanded by adding up to 31 nodes. The nodes accept up to 8 sensors and report back to the Host through the network.

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Need to know when something is wrong? The IMS-4000E system can call, text or email alarms to a full list of contacts or through a SNMP trap. A flexible alarm delivery system allows customization that includes different users and alarm destinations.

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Console View Software:

The IMS-4000E Host and Nodes are managed through the Console View software or a web-based website.



Full event history and trending are provided with the datalogging feature. User selectable sampling lets you store critical data points by the minute, hour or day.

Want to learn more?

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The Expandable Enterprise Solution

This one-of-a-kind solution will change the way you think about computer room and network monitoring. The system is designed to be a comprehensive method of ensuring 100% up-time of your computer systems. By monitoring all aspects of your server room, including environmental conditions and network equipment, the IMS-4000E system will keep you informed of the status of your infrastructure. Monitored conditions can include temperature levels, humidity levels, line voltage, leak detection, server response, UPS systems, and more. The system allows the computer professional to be notified immediately of any detected problems. Notification can occur via voice telephone call or e-mail.


Monitor with a Variety of Sensors

The IMS-4000E system accepts a full line of environmental monitoring sensors from simple temperature sensors to interfacing with existing equipment such as HVAC and UPS systems.


We've Got Your Back

Sensaphone products have been successfully deployed to monitor the most sensitive applications of the past 30 years.


The IMS-4000 allows you to watch over many potential threats in your computer room. It combines eight environmental and physical security monitoring sensors, and network monitoring into one easy to manage system.


By adding up to 31 expansion nodes, the IMS-4000 system has the ability to monitor multiple locations within a facility, or even multiple locations across the globe.

Battery Backed

What happens when the power goes out? The system will send an alarm via phone and keeps recording data and operating as usual. With a rechargeable battery backup system, will operate for up to 3.5 hours on battery power.

More than Just an Auto Dialer

Sensaphone has spent the last 30 years creating and supporting the most reliable and robust autodialer systems available. The IMS-4000E is a hybrid system that uses both a traditional telephone line and ethernet line to assure your system is always up and running.


If any of your monitored conditions exceed their set limits, you'll receive immediate alerts, not just when you need them, but also where you'll see them. You can configure your device to send notifications via a phone call, text, email or SNMP.

Data Logging

Full event-history and trending are provided with the data logging feature. User-selectable sampling lets you store critical temperature, humidity, and other information by the minute, hour or day.


The IMS-4000 ConsoleView software package is included with each Host. The software program provides an enterprise view of the Host and all Nodes which allows users to set detailed parameters for sensors and alarms.

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