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Watch for Threats to Un attended Docked Vessels With Sensaphones Remote Monitoring Systems

ASTON, Pa., July 13, 2023 – Sensaphone’s advanced Sentinel™ and Sentinel™ PRO systems cost-effectively monitor unattended docked vessels. Both of these remote monitoring systems instantly alert boat owners and operators about potentially harmful changes such as power failure, presence of water onboard, fluctuations in temperature and humidity, carbon monoxide levels, and unauthorized access. They can also alert owners if the water level gets too high in bilge compartments by monitoring float switches.

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Water Leak Detection Sensors Reduce Damage Risk to Structures, Equipment and Inventory

ASTON, Pa., June 13, 2023 – Discovering water leaks immediately is key to preventing costly damage to business facilities, equipment, inventory and other assets. To help personnel catch leaks before they become emergencies, Sensaphone offers cost-effective water detection sensors designed for use with its remote monitoring systems. When the sensor detects water, the system sends alerts via phone call, text or email to designated staff, so they can take fast corrective action.

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Sentinel Monitoring System Keeps Foods Safer: Alerts Personnel to Temperature Changes Inside Food Storage Freezers and Coolers

ASTON, Pa., May 15, 2023 – Ensuring food safety and complying with regulations requires constant monitoring and maintenance of cold storage units. Sensaphone has developed the Sentinel™ monitoring system to help industry professionals responsible for food product storage. This cloud-based system offers remote supervision of temperatures inside industrial refrigerators and freezers, and other conditions that may affect cold storage units.

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Sensaphone Offers Remote Monitoring Solutions to Improve Laboratory Management and Safety

ASTON, Pa., April 20, 2023 – Sensaphone remote monitoring solutions help laboratory staff maintain safe conditions and equipment by tracking and recording key data points. When Sensaphone monitoring systems detect that a sensor reading has moved out of the preset range, they send real-time notification to designated personnel. These monitoring systems also log sensor information over time, allowing operators to identify trends that indicate equipment issues before they become serious problems.

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Sensaphone Offers NIST Traceable Temperature Sensors for Medical Refrigerators and Freezers

ASTON, Pa., March 27, 2023 – Sensaphone provides NIST traceable calibration temperature sensors to help customers who are responsible for storing vaccines, pharmaceuticals, medical specimens and other valuable cold inventory. These certified sensors are crucial for facilities that must maintain an audit trail of the temperature at which their medical inventory is stored. Certification is mandatory for hospitals, biopharmaceutical companies, research labs, healthcare clinics, blood and tissue banks, pharmacies and other facilities that store medical products and samples.

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